Aerial acrobatics

Tanja Stolting and Friederike Krahl received their acrobatic


artistic training form in Berlin and Châlons sur Marne,


The unique style of their performances left its

unmistakable mark

on the development of the "new circus"

and today they are


the top acts on the international scene.

At the 17th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain their trapeze
act Neptuna won the silver medal, the special prize awarded by
German broadcaster WDR and the "prix de la mise en scène"
from  the Cirque du Soleil.
The tremendous fascination of their performances stems
from their imaginative choreography, specially composed music
and fairy-tale costumes.

Like fabulous creatures artistically entwined they seem to float
weightlessly through open space unfolding high above the heads
of their spectators poetic, breathtaking images from a magical
world of fantasy.